Engagement: Biodroga MD at the Breast Center Klinikum Mittelbaden

Cosmetic products are not able to heal cancer.

However, they are able to improve the wellbeing of cancer patients, to strengthen their self-confidence and to diminish some of their psychic stress. Sometimes, they may even help to achieve better mental and physical health, when they are combined with a social project and when the patients are not left alone with their problems. 

Skin problems which may appear during a cancer therapy (radiation and chemotherapy) are lipid loss, dry and flaky skin areas, a high sensitivity, pigment spots or acne-similar skin disorders. Additionally, the patients may have to cope with the complete loss of their hair, eyebrows and eyelashes.



Our consulting booth at Klinikum Mittelbaden

In order to support them regarding their individual skincare needs and to increase their wellbeing, we, the Baden-Baden Cosmetics Group, decided to initiate a social project in cooperation with the Breast Care Center of the Clinic in Baden-Baden (Brustzentrum der Klinik Mittelbaden). Among others, we offer the opportunity to interested patients to learn more about their individual skin needs and skin condition in seminars organized by our cosmetic expert and esthetician Isabel Reck. Particularly suited for problem skin is the skincare brand BIODROGA MD due the dermaceutic properties of these products. Of course, tips and tricks how to conceal the visible signs of a cancer therapy are dealt with as well. Afterwards, the participants will be able to easily incorporate these recommendations in their daily skincare routine. The certified breast care nurse Brigitte Melcher, who knows the individual disease process of the patients, also attends these seminars. For us it is wonderful to see how in the course of an afternoon the women learn that there is the appropriate skincare for every problem and that sometimes there is not much needed to reach a different skin feeling and look. The joy, a smile and maybe a new self-awareness of the participants reward our initiative.