Cosmetic Analysis

With Cosmetic Analysis, the Institution for Advancement of Skin Health has created a manufacturer-neutral instrument for the information of the user on skin tolerance of cosmetic products. Particular focus is put on the respective ingredients with their individual risks and benefits. By clicking, the user can enter the ingredients of her/his care product and will then receive an independent valuation regarding skin tolerance. The data base of Cosmetic Analysis includes more than 8.500 valuated ingredients and 17.000 analyzed cosmetic products.
Because BIODROGA MD has ever since attached great importance to particularly skin-friendly natural ingredients, we actively submit ourselves as company to this product valuation. On our homepage the user finds the respective quality seal of Cosmetic Analysis for every product. This seal enables a detailed and free-of-cost valuation of the ingredients of the favored BIODROGA MD product. By disclosing all of the ingredients used, BIODROGA MD supports the absolute transparency towards the users.