Scars develop due to a destruction of the collagen network of skin. The scar, also called cicatrix, is the final stage of wound healing and only inferior replacing tissue. Fresh scars have a reddish color because of the strong blood supply. At this stage it is extremely important to positively infl uence the natural scarring
process with targeted action. When the blood vessels diminish and the collagen fibers increase it becomes more diffi cult to reach a good looking scarring. Atrophic (sunken) scar
The wound heals poorly, the formation of new connective tissue fi bers is not suffi cient. A “sunken” scar develops lying underneath the skin level.
The hypertrophic scar is caused by an excessive production of connective tissue fi bers. The scar tends to form a raised lump and is higher than the surrounding skin level.

  • Fading of the scar
  • Flattening of the scar (prevention of an increased collagen production)
  • Softening of hardened scars
  • Improvement of the tissue’s elasticity and suppleness

The redness of the scar tissue disappears completely. The scar looks fl atter, suppler and normal.

twice daily 8 weeks long
HYPER SENSITIVE Restructuring Concentrate

1st and 2nd microdermabrasion treatment, 3rd microdermabrasion treatment, radiofrequency (for the formation of new collagen) and No Needle Meso with EGF.
Daily care: for the scar Vitamin C Restructure Concentrate, ANTI-REDNESS Rosa-Calming Serum, Collagen Boost Day and Night Care, Local application Pore-refi ning Serum, Nutritional supplement: Youth Concept Capsules