Cell Booster Serum

Cell Booster Serum

Its special texture optimally transports the ingredients to the skin cells where they develop their extraordinary effect. By stimulating the cell proliferation, skin looks firmed and vital, fine lines and wrinkles appear smoother. A second messenger substance improves the elastin synthesis and consequently skin’s elasticity. Highly efficient moisturizers support an optimal moisture level of skin.

Principal ingredient:
EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor)

Further ingredients:
AquaMAXTM HM and AquaMAXTM LM – highly efficient moisturizers
Beta-glucan derivative – skin protection, regeneration

The EGF Cell Booster Serum convinces by a cell renewal time of  Ø2,1 days*

*Source: Derma Consult Conept GmbH, 20 test persons

This product has been evaluated by www.kosmetikanalyse.de good.

Apply evenly to cleansed skin.

With significant care results, BIODROGA MD underlines its claims regarding best quality, efficiency and skin tolerance. For this purpose, the products are tested by an independent dermatological institue in well-founded efficiency studies.