Contouring Anti-Age-Serum

Contouring Anti-Age-Serum

BCONTOURING ANTI-AGE SERUM is the answer to loss of elasticity and sagging facial contours. The innovative formulation restructures the epidermis, optimizes the supporting cell network, promotes skin density and tightens the facial contours. The elastic fibres are protected and can regenerate. Skin aging changes our appearance for a lifetime. One aspect that drastically affects the appearance of mature skin is the so-called skin sagging - the sagging of the facial contours.

SKIN BOOSTER CONTOURING ANTI-AGE SERUM specifically supports the decisive factors for firm contours:

1. structure-giving cell connections, which form the contour like a supporting net.
2. elastin formation and collagen synthesis to maintain elasticity and tone
3. skin cell renewal for optimal skin density



This product has been evaluated by good.

In the mornings and evenings, apply to face and continue with day or night care.

With significant care results, BIODROGA MD underlines its claims regarding best quality, efficiency and skin tolerance. For this purpose, the products are tested by an independent dermatological institue in well-founded efficiency studies.