Safety net for tight contours

Skin aging has many faces and it changes our appearance for a lifetime. Although the effects of the aging process become visible only later, the change due to the genetically predetermined intrinsic skin aging begins at the age of about mid-20s. In addition, the facial skin is permanently exposed to a high mechanical load due to the constant movements of the facial muscles. The third factor is extrinsic or environmental aging. In addition to UV rays, air pollution and unhealthy lifestyles, gravity also plays a decisive role here. 

Skin Booster - Contouring Anti-Age Serum


  • Supports structuring and crosslinking of dermal connective tissue
  • Acts by "lifting „and recontouring the facial contours
  • Optimizes skin volume and density
  • Makes the skin appear plump and firm
  • Diminishes lines and wrinkles
  • Provides valuable moisture


Apply to the skin in the evening after cleansing and facial toner and massage in. Then apply skin-specific final care over it.

How does contour loss occur?


One aspect that drastically affects the appearance of very mature skin is the so-called skin sagging – the sagging of the facial contours.

The causes of this loss of contour have multiple causes:


  • The decreasing dermal-epidermal cell crosslinking leads to a decrease in the supporting, shape-preserving fibers in the tissue.
  • Collagen degradation and the slowdown in collagen and elastin synthesis are responsible for the tissue losing its elasticity and gradually slackening.
  • Due to the slowing cell renewal process, the skin becomes thinner and can store less moisture. The result is a visible volume loss, the tissue no longer appears plump.
  • In addition, the slowing down of glucose metabolism often leads to bonding of the elastin fibers (glycation). The elastin fibers become rigid and inelastic.

In order to recontour the facial contour, potent active ingredients must be combined in such a way that they specifically address these different causes and reactivate the processes that are slowed down due to skin aging.


In order to be able to re-contour the sagging facial contours, regular special applications and the appropriate home care must be optimally interlinked. BIODROGA MD offers a focused treatment concept that combines a targeted product selection and apparatus treatment steps – for effective tightening and re-contouring.