Skin aging is a complex biological process, where changes in the skin appear with advancing age. This process consists not only of chronological changes, but alsoof intrinistic changes as well. Intrinistic skin aging is the genetically determined reduction in skin cell reactivity. This type of aging cannot be influenced by outside factors.

With advancing age, visible signs of aging become more and more apparent. Already toward the end of the 20's, the skin begins to lose its radiance and glow. From the age of 30-35, wrinkles and pigment changes begin to appear. From age 50, the face shape begins to lose its contours, and begins to experience so called „sagging“.



Because achieving ultimate results, is just as complex of a process as that which occurs during skin aging, BIODROGA MD has combined its ingredients, in product whose functions ideally complete each other.


Is produced mainly in the brain and kidneys. The level of clotho reduces with advancing age.

  • The skin loses its density
  • Wrinkles appear, its resilience diminishes
  • Natural resistance decreases, causing the aging of the skin to accelerate
  • The skin's texture becomes coarser



    In the new BIODROGA ANTI-AGE ULTIMATE LIFTING series the signal peptide Clothide copies the cell activating effect of Clotho and combats against the loss of skin density and declining resilience. The natural resistance mechanism is stimulated, the life span of skin cells is lengthened and inflammatory processes are counteracted.

    Many of our body's cells possess a limited life span, including the skin cells.
    They must be continually replaced by new cells.



    When this process begins to falter:


    • Skin aging accelerated
    • Skin cell renewal slows
    • The removal of older skin cell debris is hindered



    • The skin loses its glow
    • It appears grey and dull
    • The skin tone becomes uneven
    • The skin becomes thinner and more sensittive
    • It is able to store less moisture
    • Wrinkles appear



      Pentalactin reactivates „sleeping“ cells and stimulates their vitality. The bioactive Pentapeptide Pentalactin interacts with receptors which are responsible for the growth of skin cells and reactivates them. 



      • Accelerates skin cell renewal
      • Slows skin aging
      • Activates the skin's natural cell purification process
      • Provides an even skin tone


      Structure giving collage fibers build a framework which is responsible for the elasticity and resilience of our skin. From approx. age 25, the body's own collagen begins to slow, simultaneously, the break-down of collagen begins to accelerate.


      TGF (Trissue Growth Factor) is recognized as a key element of collagen synthesis.
      Tripeptid-5 activates the TGF thereby activating collagen synthesis



      • Collagen synthesis is activated
      • Wrinkles caused by aging are diminished
      • Collagen break-down is reduced